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June 10 2015

Dogs? Dogs are extremely resilient when it comes to abdominal surgery. We create a lot of inflammation after surgery, but the body clears it. I’ve seen a dog swallow a toothpick and have it penetrate the body wall. They don’t care.
Horses? You can drop a junior mint in there and they’re gonna die.
— Our Radiology professor comparing dogs and horses (via hopeless-scientist-club)
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"He's the one who lights it."
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I need you to get to that engine control panel and tell me which relays are in overload position.

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fandom sorting hat: 01/∞
    ↳ Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) + S L Y T H E R I N
[resourceful / cunning / ambitious]

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That thing David does with his nose when he’s acting. (5/-)

June 09 2015

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Doctor Who meme: Ten Episodes [9/10]

Eight years ago today (June 9), the Series 3 episode Blink premiered for the first time. We’ll be reblogging a bunch of weeping angel posts in celebration so this is a reminder to be careful and don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead.

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30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who - June 21: Who was your first Doctor?

My sister was a huge fan of Doctor Who, and wanted me to watch it, too. To get me interested, she showed me a scene from “The Christmas Invasion.” Specifically, the part where the Doctor finally awakens and surprises everyone in the room, Sycorax included. I remember thinking to myself, “he’s a bit mad, but in a cute way.” I watched the rest of the episode with her (totally confused on the plot points) and then went back to start with season 1.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones Loses Her Alias

Judging by the new placeholder for David Tennant’s new series for Netflix, it appears that the show has just undergone a title change.

Find out more here

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i got off the ferry from staten island today with my boyfriend and saw a man with a VERY familiar face. his beautiful profile made me freeze and my heart just skipped a beat. i thought, “no way. theres no fucking way.” and dragged my boyfriend along so i could follow this man. he put on his sunglasses and walked along with his family, and i discreetly followed him for a minute. the longer i looked at him, the most positive i was. it’s gotta be him, its most definitely him! he stopped at a corner of the street confused, looking into his phone and the street signs for directions. i didnt want to bother him, he was with his wife and kids. and what if it wasnt him?! what if it was another man that just happened to look EXACTLY like him?! my boyfriend knew how hesitant i was and whispered in my ear, “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you sure you want to let this go?” i looked at him with wide eyes and grabbed him arms so tight, he cried out. “i’m going over to him.” i was determined to find out if this man was really him. i walked up to him slowly and tapped on his arm, he looked down at me and i asked, “are you… david tennant?” he smiled slightly and said, “yes, thats right”. my chest felt tight and i forgot how to breathe. my voice went up 10 octaves as i shrilled, “can i take a photo with you?!” he laughed a little and said, “sure, of course.” and wrapped his right arm around my waist. i threw my phone at my boyfriend, and he snapped a photo of us together. when it was over, i thanked him and he said, “no problem, have a great day!” and i turned around and walked away with my boyfriend about to burst into tears.

TL;DR i was somehow lucky enough to see the doctor in nyc today, stalked him for a good minute to make sure it was him, and asked him for a photo in which he said YES!

so basically, today was like, the greatest day of my life. i met the doctor, THE DOCTOR, MY FAVORITE DOCTOR. and it wasn’t like i went over to his filming locations to see him, it was pure coincidence that i ran into him on the ferry. and i was even lucky enough to have been walking right next to him as we were getting off the damn ship! to meet someone that i’ve worshipped and been in love with ever since i started the show…. it’s so unreal. and i definitely won’t ever forget this day, even though it only lasted like 10 seconds haha.

and yeah…….. he’s really beautiful in real life <3

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